Who We Are


Founded in 1997, Pixelera is a company of digital pioneers, skilled at building data-driven products that help people and organizations grow. Having been part of the web since its early days of commercial growth, the firm has grown to become one of Ottawa’s top, award-winning companies for database application development, eLearning and web design.

Deep understanding of business

Pixelera is a family-owned company co-founded by Stephen and Michael Foley—brothers who have run successful businesses together since they were teenagers growing up in Miramichi, New Brunswick. In fact, the entrepreneurial values that were so prominent for Stephen and Michael in their formative years is what lead to the creation of Pixelera—a solid foundation for a business that has been growing strong, and staying strong, for nearly two decades.

Awards and achievements

Soon after setting up shop in the 1990s, their business savvy was quickly recognized with the pair taking home the Business Development Bank of Canada's Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. More recognition followed, including the Ottawa Business Journal Top 40 Under 40 Award. Even more important, the portfolio of design work for satisfied clients has grown steadily over the years.

Powerhouse of creativity and technical know-how


Pixelera grew quickly from a two-man operation into a full-fledged studio. Today, it employs a team of professional in-house staff who design and build innovative products for enterprise and government organizations. The secret to their success is the unique mix they offer to clients of all sizes: a fusion of creativity as well as technical knowledge, backed by professional support. The result is great products that connect data with people, and great service that aims to exceed expectations every time.

Here's the range of what Pixelera can do:


Transform traditional businesses into fully online enterprises

Create interactive touchscreen kiosks for leading national institutions

Build interactive online training modules that engage and educate

Create enterprise websites that are modern, attractive and easy to maintain

Enable mobile capabilities for web-based media

Case Studies

Why Choose Pixelera?

Beyond solutions.

Beyond solutions.

We don’t just tackle technology problems: we solve business problems.

Old fashioned where it counts

Fresh perspective.

You’d be amazed by what your data can do in the hands of professionals who are skilled at helping businesses grow. One of the most common things we hear from clients: “You can do that?” You bet we can.

Left brain meets right brain.

Technology becomes magical when there is mastery of both the technical and the creative. We help you connect data with people to create memorable experiences.

Old fashioned where it counts

Old fashioned where it counts.

Friendly staff who work to your schedule, there when you need help: it sounds old fashioned, but it’s time honoured for a reason. Our clients agree.

Proven and tested.

Proven and tested.

Sporting more than 15 years as a Canadian-owned technology company, serving enterprise, small business and government—it all means you can choose Pixelera with confidence every time.

Scale Like a Pro

Scale Like a Pro.

If technology is a series of tall buildings, then think of us as your personal superhero, leaping them in a single bound. Pixelera creates enterprise-grade power for even the smallest organizations. Tights and cape not required.

Simplicity is worth fighting for.

Simplicity is worth fighting for.

Choose Pixelera and you gain a people-focused design process that understands human behaviour and has the technical prowess to get things done.

Sparks matter.

Sparks matter.

Inspiration glows brightest when it’s sparked by a great learning experience. We set the bar high for building intuitive online tools and interactive web-based applications that spark like fireworks in July. It matters that much.

Your needs drive the solution

Your needs drive the solution.

Technology is a tool, it doesn't dictate how to solve problems. Count on our field-tested pros and our in-depth knowledge to create solutions that flex to your needs. And deliver dynamite results.

Your work gets done here

Your work gets done here.

With Pixelera, you get an award-winning business whose owners directly support your project. There’s no B team. Choose us and our pro team is yours.